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My name is Garret Browning, and this is my portfolio.

I love creating unique and unforgettable experiences by intertwining gameplay, code, and design.


Cast Out: Shards of the Everclam

Cast Out: Shards of the Everclam is an action-adventure game which follows the journey of a young, timid otter who must save his village from a curse placed upon it by the evil King Tuskot. Explore the various lands as you defeat enemies and get closer to saving your village!

Tiny Turbos

Tiny Turbos is a fast-paced racing game that takes place inside a magical racetrack built inside of a child's bedroom. Drive fast while steering clear of toys laying around to set the next course record!

VR Construction Safety Simulator

The VR Construction Safety Simulator is an immersive experience where one finds themselves in a construction workshop surrounded by tools, equipment, and other materials found on the jobsite. Try your hand at drilling, sawing, or causing a mess in this virtual simulation. Made using Unity.


Defendabowl is a tower defence game in which you help defend Commodore Crunch's pirate ship from the raiding cinnamon corsairs trying to dirty up his precious cereal milk. Build and place cannons to defend the bowl!





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